28 dezembro 2010


Sitting there, beneath a tree

Wondering: do you think of me?

I do! I screamed, but no one heard.

In ashes turned, my lonely word…

So why should I just go and fight

If it doesn’t feel that right?

I fight against my way of being,

Try to touch your heart and feeling

And fail…

In every kind of way.

As I let my feelings grow

The less emotion did you show.

From day to day we fell apart,

It wasn’t like the very start…

How was I supposed to trust

In all this pretty thing we‘ve got

When all you did was torn apart?

Things shouldn’t have to be so hard.

On his own…

You left my heart alone.

You fell once, I fell twice.

We shouldn’t have to pay the price

For insecurity…

Sitting there, beneath a tree, wondering:

…why aren’t we meant to be??